Me and Fran, Indian Ocean.


I was like “Let me fix my hair.”

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In Kilifi, I met the lovely Fran from Germany, living in Zanzibar. When I first met Fran, we were in the gift shop. It went like this.
Me: Hello, I’m Laurie.
Fran: Hi, I’m Fran.
Me: Nice to meet you. Can I ask what country you come from?
Fran: Germany.
Me: Wow, I’m surprised, your accent is so much more beautiful than the German accents I’m used to.
And that was the beginning of our friendship.

Fran was a great friend to me, including taking me to the hospital when I got stung by an unknown marine animal (not jelly fish, not sea urchin). Fran does have a BEAUTIFUL voice. I told her she should do some books on tape or something. It’s a voice that reminds me of Mia Farrow in The Last Unicorn. So soothing. When I asked Fran, “Do you know the movie The Last Unicorn?” She said, “I love that movie, it’s such a beautiful movie.” For sure!




Majestic boabob tree at Distant Relatives.

Fran and I had great times, fun times, peaceful and relaxing times. We shared many swims, dawas, stories, amongst other things. We sat under the baobob tree for energy and peace and it was such a nice friendship in such a magical place. I will absolutely see Fran again!

Along with being an amazing woman and friend to me, she created the most beautiful henna designs I’ve ever seen, and frankly, with each design she did, it seemed like they got more and more amazing! I think she should publish an adult coloring book!

She has done henna for years (I forget how many) but by the time I left Distant Relatives, I think pretty much every girl/lady had a Fran design on them.

I wish I lived closer to Fran, so I could wear one her designs all the time, but mostly so we could keep having our deep, loving, supportive conversations. I miss you Fran!

cynthia_henna Nika and Cynthia. Cynthia’s shoulder… by Fran!
smallDSCN4335 My wrist by Fran.
smallDSCN4337 The other side of the wrist.
smallIMG_0427 There’s a baby in there!
smallIMG_0414 Henna hand.
smallIMG_0387 Another henna hand. Such tiny detail!

To see more of her beautiful artwork, follow her on her Facebook page: Mama Garden Natural Design

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