I’m huge believer in prayer. My last trip to Africa, I especially experienced the effect of prayer in a major way. I’ve written an article about here, if you want to read more about that.If you are a pray-er or you have group that prays I would love for you to have me on your list. During my first 6 month trip, I had a great time and was praying thanksgiving and requests for people I met. During one of the months though, I had a tough time. I asked a group of about 10-15 people to pray for me during that time and I could feel that it made a noticeable difference, to the point of being able to feel who and in what time zone might be praying or not praying for me!

If you’re interested, I’ll put your email on my special prayer team email list. You can get the regular newsletter too, but when I specifically have prayer requests about my circumstances or other peoples’ circumstances, only the prayer team will receive an email about that.

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Thanks so much!!!