Last night was pretty fun. The first place was a bar and restaurant that was very Liberian, called Vicky’s Fingers where we sat outside and had fried fish with cassava farina salad with various vegetables in it and drank Club Beer, the native Liberian beer. I was encouraged to eat some of the head of the fish. The “wingman” says he eats the entire head, skull and all and that it makes him smarter. He seemed smart, so I at least dug out the eye and ate it. I wouldn’t say it was delicious but it wasn’t terrible.


This was SO good. And yeah, I ate the eyeballs! And one cheek.

Next we went to a bar that I wish I knew the name, but it was 75% expats (white people and Arab looking people). Maybe more. It was in the district where lots of expats live and also where the wingman’s office is. It was a fun place with American Hip-Hop music, good drinks and hooka. It was interesting to see all these people from all over the world here, mostly they were hanging out in their respective nationalities it seemed, or so I judged by what appeared to be a table full of bald/shaved headed Germans.

Also, I saw stars! It was not really that much worse than one might see on the outskirts of Boston. I saw Pleides (as a smear, not really individual stars) and Orion. It at least gave me hope. So either the guy who told me they only see a couple in January misunderstood me, I misunderstood him or I’m lucky.

Today is Saturday so I’m hoping it’s a day of relaxation. Nothing too hard on the agenda that I know of.

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