Today three of our American team members headed back the states. It’s now just Saliha, me and the Liberian couple. Honestly, it was a tearful goodbye (on my part) because I have worked so closely with these guys for the past two years and now I may never see them again. I sure hope to though.


The LLTW mission team. Ron Burnett, William Horace, Jonathon Burnett, Saliha Stewart, Bruce Bates, me (Laurie Scharp) and Helena Horace.


Team Born in America. Saliha, Bruce, me, Jon, Ron at the LLW site.

Since two bedrooms just opened up I asked to have my own and I got one! I had my pick. I’m not sure I chose wisely, but I would think that with either choice I might think that. I chose Ron and Jon’s room. They both said it was hot. Jon said he never once covered up with the sheet, Ron said only one night did he cover. For comparison, I covered up every night. So their room is the only corner room and therefore has a window on each wall. I liked this for the sake of light but also I was deducting that a breeze could blow through there. I assumed that they were getting hot because they’re both tall, broad guys and they were sleeping in the same bed (father and son). Also, their room has a closet! With a light!


My new room!

Right after I asked for a new room and was given a free room, it was time to chose. Kebbeh, the teenage, sweet niece who has been helping our team out a lot around the house (food, laundry, cleaning, everything), was taking me to the rooms and asking me which one I wanted. At this time, both rooms were locked and had to be unlocked with keys that she held in her hand. What I should have done is said, “Unlock both and let me check them both out to decide.” But, I had already liked the idea of Ron’s room and I asked Kebbeh “Which room is cooler?” and she said “Ron’s”. I was like “I’ll take it!” So we changed the sheets and eventually I moved all my stuff in.

So…. it is WARM. AND it’s right next the generator so it is the loudest room. But… the loudness didn’t bother me too much and the heat I didn’t observe until over and hour later after ALL my stuff had been moved over AND set up and organized! Lol. Oh well. Let me deal with this.


Some of the view from my room in Liberia.

Then, as I plopped on to the bed to write this blog, I immediately recalled both Ron and Jon saying that that bed was “quite hard”. I had a great bed in the other room. It just had another person in it.

And with that I recall the ever so important and true proverb of “You can have everything, just not all at once”.

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