Lately, I’ve been getting some slack about my messy hair. After 6 months adventuring around the world, doing and experiencing things you never could have imagined, your priorities and beliefs change! How I feel about my physical appearance and how to present it has been one of those things. I don’t want to look like a slob, I want to look pretty (I’m still single!) but I’m choosing an unconventional hairstyle. I actually feel prettier when my hair is messy. When my hair is brushed, blow dried and polished, I feel like I’m pretending to be someone I’m not.

Here’s some of the reasons I like my messy hair:

Happy, Pretty Girl with Messy Hair

  • Messy hair means I’m having to much fun enjoying life to care about my hair or look in the mirror.
  • It means I’m not overly concerned with my appearance.
  • It makes me feel like I’ve been at the beach or on the farm.
  • It makes me feel like an adventurous hippy (or hippie).
  • Reminds me of days riding around on motorcycles with no helmet.
  • The tangles give my hair more volume.
  • Sometimes I can obsess about my looks. Forgetting about my hair seems like a step in the right direction.
  • After teaching swimming lessons my hair is often a mess. Sometimes I forget to bring a comb. Messy hair and messy hair is a sign that I’ve been improving lives by teaching the safe, beautiful and fun skill of swimming!
  • I don’t know, it just makes me happy!!
  • For the record, I usually do run a comb through it at least once or twice a day! But I usually say no to blow drying, heated straightening or curling.

    This is from a girl who used to straighten her hair and was in distress when a cowlick wouldn’t lay down or a kink wouldn’t straighten. A girl who used to think her hair was her best chance at being beautiful.

    Messy hair makes me feel more beautiful and happy so that’s how it’s going to be!
    Happy, Pretty Girl with Messy Hair
    This post is dedicated to my grandma Portia and my cousin Aubrey and anybody else who thinks I need to comb my hair. 🙂 Also to anyone who also wants to embrace the messy hair life and the naysayers they may encounter!



I feel this. Perfectly straight, combed hair looks too flat on me. Messy hair makes me feel as if I’ve accomplished something in my day.


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