My new home!

Friday January 29 I arrived at TAATA Kids in Mbale Uganda. I love it!!!! (The Storm is Over is Taata Kids’ motto, and I think it’s a good omen for the storm I just went through!)

I was originally going to stay here for 4 weeks after 4 weeks at my previous place. But, since I was only at that place for 1 week, I’m changing this one to 7 weeks. But, if I love it and want to stay here and cross some other orgs off the list, I will. Frankly I am a little sick of moving around and showing up at an unknown place….


My room!

So, Taata. Taata means Father in Luganda (one of the main languages here in Uganda, same as they spoke in all the places I’ve been in Uganda.) There are three volunteers here other than me, an American, a Spaniard and a German. We stay in a guest house that has multiple rooms to stay in. Mine is a self-contained room, meaning I have my own bathroom and shower in it! I also have a closet and full length mirror, and of course the door is lockable from the inside and outside.

The first time I washed my hands with the running water in my new sink I just melted into the realization that I REALLY like running water. I did have it in Kalisizo, but I didn’t for my other week with the other organization. Wow. It’s nice.


Inside the gate….

I also REALLY like the director. I love the way he talks. He talks precisely and accurately! He’s not a “bullshitter” as I call it. He also seems very smart, hard working and resourceful.

What is TAATA Kids?

It’s an organization that currently has a primary school (essentially pre-K through grade 7), a women’s fund which offers short term loans to local women and a guest house where not just volunteers stay, but anyone can stay or just come to order dinner/lunch. Taata Kids is also building a larger and better school outside of town. Right now, Taata is renting all of their buildings. Land has been purchased and construction has begun on a new primary school, offices and eventually the guest house will be moved there too. Another cool thing is, even though construction isn’t complete, the community really wanted to have some classes going on because there are no schools in that area. So right now, in some of the incomplete classrooms, there are about 4 classes for primary students (primary = elementary, I’m probably going to say primary a lot).

The director Abraham took me around to all the projects today. I really liked what I saw and heard. I’m really excited about this place.


Construction process. We’re more than half done already!

What are we doing now?

Construction right now is a stand still due to funds. We are currently raising money to keep building. We have lots of bricks and sand but we need money for labor and for cement. Can you help us? I really believe in Taata Kids and I think that this is a great project to donate too. Spread the word too if you wish! When more money comes in, you can see the building grow in my pictures!

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