Road to Mombasa

Road to Mombasa

On the bus

On the road again, just East of Kisumu.

Old Town Mombasa

Old Town Mombasa

When I first found out I was probably going to Kenya, I realized Mombasa was also in Kenya and I told myself I just have to go there. I didn’t know much about it, but honestly, I remember the male “Lover” from the SNL sketch “The Lovers” (circa 2003 or so) told some story about “Mombasa!” and it sounded exotic and interesting and that I just had to go.

So, after leaving Kisumu, I took a very long bus ride across the country. The bus left at 2:45 am from Kisumu, I arrived at Mombasa at 9:30 pm. So…. about 19 hours? I had a nice seat though, a VIP seat with Modern Coast. I recommend it. It was quite comfortable, it was big and wide. I could gain over 100 pounds and still fit in the seat, not that I’m wanting that but just saying. This bus ticket was only 22$!

Mombasa is a big city on the coast that has a lot of Arab influence. They have some awesome old buildings, including Fort Jesus which was built by the Portuguese in the 1590s.

I am not a city girl but I definitely wanted to check this place out. I stayed at the New Palm Tree Hotel, which I recall was compared to “The Grand Budapest Hotel” in a trip advisor review, and I have to say, yes, there is a charming comparison. I did some city exploring, especially the old part of town. I had dinner and drinks with a very cool Seattle woman who was staying in my hotel. She reminds me a bit of an older version of myself, so it was great to talk to her and share our experiences and future dreams.

I was there just one full day and then I decided I seriously need to get myself to the beach.

See more pics of Mombasa here!

Old Town Mombasa

Old Town Mombasa

Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus and the Indian Ocean in Mombasa.

Fort Jesus 2

Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Kenya

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