Two big announcements!

Heading to Kenya before the month is over!

I'm heading to Kisii Kenya on February 28th!!! I'll start out volunteering, by partnering with local organizations to see how best we can help the community. I'd love to do things like: teaching English classes, reading classes and programs, computer skills and other professional training. That's what I'm planning on in the beginning. Things might change. I'm reaching out to many organizations and hoping to find a great fit. I'm so excited for the possibilities. I was in Kisii in May/June 2016 and know that it's a nice, safe, comfortable town and it will be a great place to start. I won't be getting paid in the beginning, but that sure is one of my goals for down the road. For now I'm leaning on God, my modest savings and support from amazing people (like you!!).

Fund Raising Party!!

Mark your calendar if you're around Nebraska! I'm having a fund raising event on Wednesday Feb 22nd, from 6:00 - 8:00 pm at Cottonwood Cafe Bistro (440 S. 17th St.) in Lincoln. Cottonwood is great and reasonably priced for dinner, so feel free to come hungry! If you saw in the paper that Cottonwood was closed, it was reopened! There is an off-chance that the party might be moved but it seems like it will be as planned! Just stay posted and I'll email again if there are changes. I would really, really, really love to see you there if you can make it!

At the fundraiser I'm selling my art/crafts and African art/crafts too! I'm raffling some stuff. I'm also going to be playing some tunes on my ukulele and singing, which I haven't done publicly for at least a year but I'm excited to show Lincoln what I got.

Other Fund Raising

Guys, I'm looking to fund raise $6,000 for my first year in Kenya. $6,000 should cover my living expenses in Kenya. If I over shoot that goal, that of course would be great too! There are many ways to help me get there. You can donate at using PayPal or you can ask me for my address to send me a check. I still have my online shop too! If you can find it in your heart to give to me on a monthly basis, that would be amazing. Please contact me if you want to learn how to set that up. I would be beyond grateful.

Another way thing that can really help me, is just spreading my message! If you know anyone who would be interested in what I'm doing, please tell them about me! Send them my emails or my website. 

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Thanks so much for your support everyone!!!